The Dub Fx story is such an incredibly inspiring journey.

It’s about a young aspiring artist who left his home in Melbourne, Australia to perform on the streets of Europe.

He had played at venues around his home town and fronted bands, but the connection just wasn’t there.

He’d also had enough of broken promises from prospective managers, or labels and gatekeepers telling him when he could perform.

So Dub Fx eliminated all the obstacles and went direct to the public.

Living out of a van he toured European streets selling CDs to fund the journey.

It didn’t take long for his electric solo performances to gain traction and people began filming him and uploading the videos.

Videos of Dub Fx’s street performances began to surface in cities all over Europe, from Kiev to Bristol.

Dub Fx Live on the Streets of Budapest: Photo Elephant Studio

Eventually his videos hit millions of views and his social profiles were in the hundreds-of-thousands.

He could literally convert a street into a stage with hundreds, if not thousands, of people with a single post.

Dub Fx Live on the Streets of Budapest: Photo Elephant Studio

Soon enough requests for shows and festivals rolling in and Dub Fx obliged, performing through Europe and branching out to Asia and the United States as well as back in his home country, Australia.

But, even while performing at festivals or headlining shows, he still insisted on performing on the streets.

Some Dub Fx street shows started featuring well known artists such as Talib Kweli.

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