The Odyssey

Legendary producer and ARIA Hall of Fame inductee Lobby Loyde, cited as an influence by musicians such as Kurt Cobain was an instrumental part of producing my epic debut album, ‘The Odyssey’. The journey took us through four different studios and about a year and a half to make. I could never thank Lobby enough for his time and friendship. A legend in every way.


Wake Up Call

Wandering the globe with an acoustic guitar as a travel companion paved the road for ‘Wake Up Call’. An audio travel diary questioning my place in this crazy and beautiful world. I wrestle philosophy, religion and other social constructions and contrast them with wonderful blissful ignorance


The Collective

A five-track mash-up of well spiced alternative rock. It showcases the wires that most people leave out of their pretty pics. With a weird range of influences, each song was recorded years apart in different studios and with different musicians. It’s exactly the mash to cure your hungover.